Israeli airstrike kills 4 Syrian soldiers in Damascus: report

According to Syrian media reports, Israeli jets struck weapons and munitions depots in the Damascus area.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Air Force fighter jets bombed several targets in the Damascus area in the early hours of Sunday morning, the government-controlled Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) outlet reported.

According to SANA, IAF jets departed from the Golan Heights area, activating Syrian air defense systems. The outlet claimed that some of the IAF missiles were intercepted by the system, which was donated to the country by Russia.

“The aggression led to the death of four soldiers, the wounding of four others and some material losses,” a Syrian military official told SANA.

The SANA report did not provide details regarding equipment or operational capabilities at the targeted sites.

The opposition-linked Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the strikes were focused on Iranian militia-linked weapons depots and warehouses in the Damascus area.

In a statement released on Monday morning, the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned the strikes “in the strongest possible terms.”

As a matter of policy, Israel does not confirm or deny responsibility for airstrikes in Syrian territory. However, the IAF is believed to frequently target Iranian assets in the country.

In July, a Syrian anti-aircraft missile exploded over Israeli airspace. Large pieces of shrapnel rained down on the city of Rahat, a Bedouin enclave in the southern Negev desert.

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In April, the IAF launched a number of intense retaliatory strikes on Syrian territory after six missiles were launched from the country towards the Golan Heights and Lower Galilee regions. The projectiles set off rocket sirens in Israeli civilian communities.

“The IDF considers the Syrian state responsible for everything that happens on its territory and will not allow attempts to violate Israel’s sovereignty,” said a military spokesman shortly after the strikes were carried out.