Israeli Arab indicted for incitement to terrorism on social media

An Arab with Israeli citizenship has been indicted for promoting terrorism on Facebook and Instagram. 

An Arab from the northern Israeli city of Tamra was indicted Sunday on charges of supporting terrorism and for social media posts praising terror attacks against Israelis.

According to the indictment filed at the Haifa District Court, suspect Muhammad Khalaf published numerous inciting posts on Facebook and Instagram lauding the Hamas terrorist organization and other terror groups for launching attacks against Israeli citizens.

In addition to praising Hamas leaders, Khalaf authored several social media posts praising the July 14  terror attack at the Temple Mount in which three terrorists murdered two Israeli police officers.

The indictment asserts that Khalaf’s social media incitement demonstrates a “real possibility” he would carry out a terror attack against Israelis, and requested his detainment be extended throughout the duration of his trial.

Khalaf, who was arrested Sept. 15, is charged with supporting a terror organization, supporting an outlawed organization, inciting terror and identifying with a terror organization.

Israel has recognized the threat emanating from incitement to terrorism spread on Facebook and has successfully acted against those who use social media as a weapon, helping to reduce a trend of attacks against Israelis.

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Israel’s Haaretz reported in April that Israeli forces have detained at least 400 Palestinians in less than a year over incitement on social media.

By: and World Israel News Staff