Israeli Bedouin arrested for sharing sensitive IDF intel, training with Hamas

Abu Ganima faces a total seven charges for his terror activity against Israel.

By Troy O. Fritzhand, The Algemeiner

Israel’s South District Attorney filed an indictment in the Be’er Sheva District Court against 26 year old Jumaa Abu Ganima, joining and aiding the Hamas terror organization. The Bedouin from the Al-Etzem village in the Negev.

According to the charges, in July 2016 Abu Ganima crossed the border and “met Hamas operatives and told them that he was interested in enlisting to the military wing of Hamas and to be a martyr.” From there, he gave information about the location of IDF bases in the south, ultimately undergoing intensive military training with the terror group, including “training to attack cities and occupy a military outpost.”

Part of his intel sharing with Hamas included revealing intimate details about the makeup of Kibbutz Be’eri and Re’im, two kibbutzim that were attacked by Hamas during their murderous onslaught on October 7, when they killed more than 1,200 Israelis, including close to 500 total from the two kibbutzim.

The terrorist was eventually arrested by Hamas after he failed to comply “with the restrictions imposed on him.” He escaped from the prison in December after IDF bombings destroyed the facility, after which he tried to reenter Israel illegally, only to be arrested by the IDF on the way.

Abu Ganima faces a total seven charges for his terror activity against Israel.

He requested to be released to his home pending the trial, a move that was requested by the government, who said “His actions demonstrate his danger to public security. This is an Israeli citizen who went to Gaza and stayed there for about eight years, joined the terrorist organization Hamas and underwent training in order to carry out attacks in Israel.”

His father sought to justify his son’s actions, telling the press “My son suffers from a difficult mental condition. We took him to a hospital and to sheikhs, but unfortunately nothing helped. I don’t understand where he got the idea to cross the border. If we had known, I would not have allowed him to leave the house.”