IDF storms jails to prevent Hamas terror plots

Informed about an imminent prisoner revolt and plans to attack Israelis by incarcerated Palestinian terrorists, special security forces stormed two jails and separated the inmates.

Israel’s Masada Special Security Forces, a quick response and intervention unit specializing in suppression of prisoner uprisings, particularly those by Palestinian terrorists, stormed into the Nafha and Eshel prisons in the Negev region of southern Israel after receiving intelligence reports of a planned attack by jailed Hamas activists.

An estimated 250 prisoners, suspected of collaboration, were separated and transferred to other prisons.

A spokesperson for the Israel Prison Service said they believed that hundreds of inmates had been planning a revolt as well as terror activity. Most of the prisoners are affiliated with Hamas, while others belong to other Palestinian terror organizations.

In response, many have begun a hunger strike.

After the operation, materials were reportedly found in the prisoners’ possession pointing to a planned attack.

By: Atara Beck, World Israel News