Israeli lawmaker condemns Arabs who serve in IDF or police, a ‘disgrace’

“It is a disgrace that a young man or his family will accept that one of our [Arab-Israeli] sons joins the security forces,” Odeh said.


Ayman Odeh, an Arab Member of the Knesset who leads the Hadash (Communist) Party that is part of the “Joint Arab List,” has openly condemned any Arab Israelis who serve in the nation’s security forces in any capacity.

“It is a disgrace that a young man or his family will accept that one of our [Arab Israeli] sons joins the security forces [police, IDF etc.],” he declared in a Facebook post.

This would even apply to Amir Khoury, the Christian-Arab Israeli police officer who was killed while trying to stop the terrorist attack in Bnei Brak a few weeks ago.

Odeh’s comments also apply to all of the Bedouin and Druze Israelis who have served, including the police officers killed in terrorist attacks over the years.

“Our historical position,” he added, “is that we will be with our people to end the murderous occupation so that the State of Palestine will be established and there will be Palestinian flags on the walls of Jerusalem,” he said.

Odeh went on to declare that no young person from the Arab-Israeli community should join the forces of “humiliation and hatred of the occupation.”

“I call on the young people who have already joined [the security forces] to throw the weapons [that they hold] at them (Israelis) in the face and tell them our place is not with you, we will not be part of injustice and crime.”