Israeli singer, scheduled to perform at UN, denied entry visa to US

Israeli performer Amir Benayoun, scheduled to perform at the UN on Holocaust Remembrance Day, was denied entry to the US, and he believes it’s because he has “too much Jewishness within.”

By: World Israel News Staff

The US has denied entry to Israeli singer/songwriter Amir Benayoun, who was slated to appear at the United Nations on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

According to reports in Israeli media, when Benayoun requested a visa to enter the US, he was turned down although he had presented the US Embassy with an invitation by the UN for the event.

He was denied entry on the basis that he did not provide sufficient evidence that he planned to abide by the terms of the visa, namely, that he was planning to return to Israel.

Those who apply for a visa need to prove strong ties to their countries, which Benayoun allegedly failed to do and was the reason his request was denied.

Benayoun, however, is a well-known Israel artist with strong sympathies towards the state and the IDF.

Furthermore, two other Israeli artists, Miri Mesika and David D’Or, who were slated to perform with Benayoun at the UN, were granted a visa without delay.

Israeli diplomatic officials reportedly tried to obtain the required clearance for Benayoun, but were unsuccessful. Jerusalem officials are quoted as saying that Benayoun’s right-wing views were the reason he was denied a visa.

Benayoun responded to the denial by stating that “the last place on earth” he wanted to be at was the UN, that had never before applied for a US visa, and that the only reason he was now trying to enter the US was because of the Holocaust Remembrance ceremony.

Speaking to IDF Radio on Sunday, Benayoun said he believes he was being targeted for his political views.

“I have too much Jewishness within, me which has brought me to zealotry and expressions against [former president Barack] Obama when I thought he was trying to destroy me as a Jew,” Benayoun said.