Israeli tech brings clean water and healthcare to refugees in Africa

Israeli solar and water technology is arriving in rural African villages, as a groundbreaking organization from the Jewish state brings relief to refugees.

An operation bringing much-needed Israeli technology to impoverished Africans is making headway improving the daily lives of literally tens of thousands of refugees. These results were achieved largely through the efforts of Innovation: Africa, which brings Israeli solutions to assist populations in rural African villages.

Israeli solar energy technology is at the heart of many of Innovation: Africa’s strategies, through which the sun’s power is harnessed to pump clean water and provide orphanages, medical clinics, and schools with the energy they need to to store vaccines, medicines and other necessities.

This project, based in the war-torn Central African Republic, was facilitated by Israeli ambassador to Cameroon, Ran Gidor, who sought partnerships to assist medical centers, improve patient treatments, and upgrade water quality in the East Region. In this area, Israeli solar technologies help pump clean water from underground aquifers to villages. Specifically, plans were made to install solar energy in the health centers of Ngoura Central, Garga Sarali, and Tongo Gandima.

Innovation: Africa’s efforts began in Cameroon in April 2017, with Israeli experts buckling down to engineer solar energy plans for the designated sites. Simultaneously, water engineers developed a drilling and distribution strategy for the water pumping system in Garga Sarali.

Innovation: Africa Founder and CEO Sivan Yaari expressed gratitude for the role her organization was able to play in the project. “Being here in Cameroon to see electricity in medical centers and clean water shows how we can change the world by working together,” Yaari exclaimed.

By: Jack Ben-David, World Israel News