‘Israel’s Darkest Hour’ – Britain’s PM meets Netanyahu

Netanyahu calls on ‘civilized world’ to back Israel’s war against Hamas as Britain’s PM vows his country’s support during Israel’s ‘darkest hour.’


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with visiting British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Thursday, hours after Sunak met with President Isaac Herzog.

Prime Minister Sunak declared the Hamas invasion and resulting war Israel’s “darkest hour,” drawing comparisons to World War II.

“In the last two weeks, this country has gone through something that no country, no people, should have to endure, least of all Israel which has lived through some of the most awful scenes, the specter of violence and terrorism every day of its existence.”

“I want to share the deep condolences of the British people and stress that we absolutely support Israel’s right to defend itself in line with international law,” he added, “to go after Hamas, to take back hostages, deter further incursions and to strengthen your security for the long-term.”

Sunak also said that he knows Israel is taking every precaution to avoid harming civilians “in direct contrast to the terrorists of Hamas which seek to put civilians in harm’s way.”

“I am proud to stand here with you in Israel’s darkest hour. As your friend, we will stand with you in solidarity, we will stand with your people and we also want you to win,” he declared.

During the meeting, Netanyahu called on the “entire civilized world” to unite against Hamas.

“This is not merely our battle. It’s the battle of the entire civilized world. It’s the battle of Israel, it’s the battle of the moderate Arab countries, it’s the battle of Western civilization, the battle of the free world, the battle for the future.”

“Eighty years ago, eighty years ago, Prime Minister, the civilized world stood with you in your darkest hour,” he added. “This is our darkest hour. It’s the world’s darkest hour. We need to stand together and we will win. And this is why I support and value your support. And the fact that you’re here, we must win together.”