Israel’s state comptroller to investigate failures that caused October 7th massacre

An official criticized the investigation and said, ‘It’s a charade designed to turn the IDF into a scapegoat while ensuring politicians bear no cost from a national inquiry.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Israel’s State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman has launched an investigation into the failures that led to the Hamas’s invasion of southern Israel and massacre on October 7th, as reported by Ynet.

Englman requested IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy in a letter to open access to classified military information and data concerning the interaction between the military and political officials before, during, and immediately after October 7th.

Englman also said he expects cooperation from every branch of the IDF and that he predicts the investigation to take only a few months.

He listed 33 issues that are being investigated which fall under the categories of border protection, securing data, availability of military equipment, and preparedness

Englman emphasized that the government will also be subject to scrutiny including the period before the present government including the Bennett-Lapid administration.

In addition, procedures within the intelligence community and how information before October 7th was collected and reviewed will also be looked at.

Critics of the Comptroller’s investigation allege that the focus on the military during the war is unbalanced and is being used as a way for politicians to wash their hands of blame.

One official said, “This is the ideal way of laying all the blame on the military, thereby absolving politicians.”

They added, “It’s a charade designed to turn the IDF into a scapegoat while ensuring politicians bear no cost from a national inquiry.”

Englman emphasized the need for the inquiry to go ahead.

He wrote, “The organizational audit of the handling of the home front will begin within the next few days, with the start of the audit about the defense forces being conducted in accordance with the development of the war.”

“This is in view of the fact that the war is still going on and that for more than 80 days IDF officers and soldiers are toiling day and night in a bloody war inside the Gaza Strip and all Israeli citizens must support them at this time,” Englman added.

He concluded, “Nevertheless, it is clear even now that the Israeli government and the defense forces must conduct a thorough internal examination as to how the great failure on 7.10 occurred.”

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