‘Jordan, help us’ – Hamas calls for escalation, intensification of war

“We call on the Jordanian people to step up their actions and raise their voices,” Abu Obaida said.

By World Israel News Staff

A senior Hamas spokesman urged its Arab allies to escalate violence against Israel and aid the terror group in the war, calling specifically upon Jordanians to attack the Jewish State.

In his first speech in nearly two months, Abu Obaida demanded that the Islamic world intensify its efforts across all fronts.

“We call on the Jordanian people to step up their actions and raise their voices,” Abu Obaida said, in a televised speech broadcast on Al Jazeera.

Abu Obaida stressed that Jordan and Palestinian Authority-controlled areas in Judea and Samaria are the “most important Arab fronts” against Israel.

Notably, Jordan played a critical role in intercepting drones launched at Israel from Iran earlier this month. Jordan’s defense of Israel sparked backlash from many of the country’s citizens.

Praising the unprecedented Iranian aerial assault which took place on April 13th, Abu Obaida said the attack had “set new rules, drew important equations, and confused the enemy and those supporting it.”

Referring to a stalled ceasefire agreement, which would see Hamas release the some 130 Israeli hostages still being held captive in the Gaza Strip, Abu Obaida blamed the impasse on Israel.

“The government of the occupation is stalling in reaching a hostages-swap deal and is trying to obstruct efforts by the mediators to reach a ceasefire agreement,” Abu Obaida said.

After intensely pressuring Israel to agree to a unilateral, unconditional ceasefire, the Biden administration recently admitted that Hamas is the “obstacle” to reaching an end to the fighting.

Abu Obaida’s remarks come as Hezbollah launched the furthest attack into Israel since the start of the conflict. Since October 8th, Hezbollah has attacked numerous Israeli civilian communities and military assets along the northern border, via explosive drones, anti-tank missiles, and rockets.

On Tuesday, the first full day of the Passover holiday, a Hezbollah aerial attack triggered air raid sirens in the Akko and Haifa metropolitan areas.