Jordan turns back Israelis carrying religious artifacts

Even Jordan, with which Israel has relatively good diplomatic relations, demonstrates deep-seated anti-Semitism when some Israeli tourists try to visit.

Jordanian border officials barred the entry of Israelis who were wearing visible Jewish attire when they attempted to enter the Hashemite Kingdom last week.

The border officials demanded that the Israelis leave behind any of their belongings that would have them recognized as Jews, including all religious artifacts, and even their Tefilin (phylacteries) and Talitot (prayer shawls) that were packed away.

Israel’s Channel 2 reported Sunday that the group had intended to pray at the supposed grave site of Aaron, the brother of Moses, situated near Petra, but were blocked by the Jordanian officials.

An Israeli foreign ministry official said that the Jordanians would have to provide explanations for the incident.

This is the not the first time Israelis have encountered such discrimination when entering Jordan. Last December, Israeli Jews entering Jordan were subjected to similar demands with the claim that it was for their safety.

The discriminatory act generated a diplomatic incident, and the Jordanian ambassador in Israel was summoned to Jerusalem to provide explanations. The Jordanians claimed at the time that the move was decided on by border officials, and was not state policy.

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This second incident indicates a broader state-sponsored anti-Jewish policy.

By: World Israel News Staff