Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah calls for ‘armed intifada’ with attacks on Tel Aviv

Military wing of the Palestinian Authority’s ruling Fatah party calls on members to prepare for full-scale conflict with Israel, including indiscriminate attacks on Israeli targets.

By World Israel News Staff

The military wing of the Palestinian Authority’s ruling Fatah party is preparing for an “armed intifada” against Israel, with indiscriminate attacks on Israeli targets, the group announced.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the armed branch of the Fatah movement, said that it has placed “all of our fighters in the West Bank” on “general alert” status, in preparation for a large-scale conflict with the Jewish state.

In a recently published announcement, the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades told members that the organization has received orders to escalate tensions with Israel, and to prepare for “open warfare.”

“We have received the instructions. We hereby declare the escalation of the general alert situation of all our fighters to the highest level, which is that of open warfare,” the group wrote on Telegram.

“We call on all of our fighters and military cells, in every place in the West Bank, to attack the Zionist enemy and all of its components, including within the fragile heart of the entity, Tel Aviv.

“This is a revolution and an armed intifada which will be ongoing until victory. Mercy to our heroic martyrs, recovery to our heroic injured, and freedom to our heroic prisoners.”

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The announcement comes days after the IDF carried out the two-day Operation Home and Garden, the largest counter-terror raid in Samaria since the Second Intifada two decades ago.

Following the launch of the operation, the Palestinian Authority halted security coordination with Israel, and accused the IDF of perpetrating a “massacre” in Jenin.

The operation was launched amid a significant uptick in terrorist activity in Samaria, with a large number of attacks emanating from the Palestinian Authority-administered city of Jenin.