Mossad reportedly helped smuggle Iranian nuclear spy to Europe in migrant boat

The Israeli intelligence agency collaborated with the CIA and Britain’s MI6 to help a 47-year-old nuclear technician escape the Islamic Republic after spying for Israel.

By World Israel News Staff

While Israel has alluded to its eyes and ears within Iran on a number of occasions, the U.K.’s Sunday Express reported this week on an audacious operation in which the Mossad allegedly helped a 47-year-old nuclear technician escape Iran before his activities spying for the Jewish state placed him in peril.

According to the Express, the Mossad, Britain’s MI6, and the CIA worked together to bring the Iranian to the United Kingdom on New Year’s Eve this year. The operation involved a nearly 3,000-mile journey through Europe, culminating in an icy ride across the English Channel on a dinghy with illegal Iranian immigrants.

The Express referred the the individual as “an Israeli asset for years” who “helped plan the 2012 assassination of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a nuclear scientist and director at Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility.”

While the Mossad extracted the agent from Iran in December, it fell on the MI6 and CIA to get him through Europe, and ultimately into the U.K. on his way to America.

An anonymous source commenting on the operation told the Express, “This wasn’t without its challenges. His absence was noted quickly, and we were informed that a special unit of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had been dispatched.”

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