Netanyahu calls out Western leaders for pressing Israel to end Gaza war

‘West cannot push end to the war and at the same time support eliminating Hamas,’ says Netanyahu.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed back Sunday on pressure from foreign leaders to conclude the ongoing military operation in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing Israel’s need to eliminate Hamas before the cessation of hostilities.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday morning, Netanyahu said it is imperative for Israel to destroy the Hamas terrorist organization.

“The war is continuing, intensively, in both northern and southern Gaza, in order to achieve all of our goals: Eliminating Hamas, returning all of our hostages and ensuring that Gaza will never go back to being a threat to Israel.”

More than 100 of the roughly 250 captives taken to Gaza on October 7th have been returned – nearly all of them during the seven-day ceasefire earlier this month, including roughly 80 Israelis.

However, it is believed that 138 captives remain in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu chided Western leaders who have urged Israel to wrap up the current war, saying that such pressure is inconsistent with the support Israel earlier received for its campaign to eliminate Hamas.

“Over the last two days I have spoken with [German] Chancellor [Olaf] Scholz, with the President of France [Emmanuel] Macron, and with additional leaders as well.”

“I told them that it is impossible to support the elimination of Hamas on the one hand, while on the other pressing us to end the war, which would prevent the elimination of Hamas. I think that in this fight, justice is on our side and unity as well. When we are united as a people and a state, no force can prevent us from doing the right thing.”

Israeli forces over the weekend encircled Hamas positions in the southern Gaza Strip, including the city of Khan Yunis, as operations continue in and around the northern Gaza town of Jabalia.

The number of IDF soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty since Israel launched its ground offensive in Gaza rose to 97 Sunday.