Netanyahu calls Rafah hostage release ‘one of the greatest rescue missions in Israeli history’

Netanyahu described the mission that brought Fernando Marman and Louis Har back to safety without injuries as ‘a perfect operation.’

By Vered Weiss World Israel News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to special forces responsible for freeing two Israeli hostages in Rafah and declared the operation “One of the greatest rescue missions in Israeli history.”

Netanyahu was accompanied by National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, the Inspector General of the Israel Police and the Commander of the Border Police.

They visited the Israel National Counter Terrorism Unit and met with the special forces and the commander.

Netanyahu called the mission that brought Fernando Marman and Louis Har back to safety without injuries “a successful operation. A perfect operation.”

The special forces breached a building in Rafah shortly after 1:30 on Monday morning.

There they saw Fernando Marman and Louis Har guarded by three terrorists with other armed terrorists in adjacent buildings.

Guarding the hostages with their bodies, they rescued them under heavy fire but with no injuries.

Airstrikes were also used as part of the mission.

Netanyahu describes how he approved the mission and watched it from the ISA special operations control center.

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“Several days ago, the operation was brought to me for approval and I approved it,” he began.

“Afterward, I thought about three things: One, I thought about the sacred nature of the mission. Two, I thought about the risks in relation to the chances, and there were risks. Three, I thought about you, the fighters,” Netanyahu explained.

“I thought about what would happen at the decisive moment, because from experience, I know that at the breakthrough moment, the gap between victory and tragedy is a millimeter,”he said.

Netanyahu continued, “At 01:40 this morning, I saw you placing the charge and seconds later I heard ‘We have the hostages.'”

“You eliminated the abductors, the terrorists, and made your way back without injury – a successful operation, a perfect operation,” he said.

Netanyahu concluded, “I would like to tell you: I am so proud of you. I am proud of you, the ISA and the IDF. You worked like a well-oiled machine. You are simply the best fighters there are. I came here to tell you this and to salute you on behalf of all citizens of Israel. You are the best in the world. Well done!”