‘Netanyahu, get us out of here now,’ say captive Israeli women

Hamas releases new hostage video of three Israeli women held captive in Gaza, blaming Netanyahu for their abduction.

By World Israel News Staff

The Hamas terrorist organization released a new hostage video late Monday afternoon, featuring three Israeli women taken captive during the October 7th invasion of southwestern Israel.

In a one-minute sixteen-second video clip, Daniel Aloni, Rimon Kirsht, and Yelena Trupanob, are seen for the first time since their abduction just over three weeks ago.

Aloni, a resident of Yavneh who disappeared with her daughter Emilia during a visit to her sister’s home in Nir Oz, addresses the camera during the brief video, condemning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, blaming him for the failure of the IDF to prevent the invasion and demanding he secure their release.

Trupanob, sitting to Aloni’s left (on the right side of the video) and Kirsht (on the left side of the video) remain silent through the video, except for appearing to voice agreement with Aloni’s comments at the end.

“Bibi Netanyahu,” Aloni says angrily, demanding a ceasefire to secure their release.

“We have been captives of Hamas for 23 days.”

“Yesterday there was a press conference with the families of the captives. We know that there was supposed to be a ceasefire. You were supposed to get us all released.”

“Instead, we are bearing the burden of the failure – your political, security, military failure; all because of the screw up you made on October 7th. Because there was no army there, no one came, no one guarded us.”

“We are innocent civilians. Israeli taxpayers. You are killing us. You will kill – you want to kill all of us.”

“Let us go now. Let us go back to our families now!”

Shortly after Hamas released the video, the Prime Minister’s Office condemned the hostage video, calling it a “cruel” form of psychological warfare.

“This is cruel psychological propaganda by Hamas-ISIS. We embrace the families and are doing everything to return all of the captives and missing to their families.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu added that his government is doing everything possible to secure the return of the captives.

“To Yelena Trupanob, Daniel Aloni and Rimon Kirsht, who were abducted by Hamas, which is committing war crimes. I embrace you. Our hearts are with you and the other the captives.”

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“We are doing everything to bring home all of the captives and missing.”