Netanyahu: Iran will face destruction if it attempts a ‘final solution’

“Any regime that threatens the destruction of the State of Israel faces a similar danger,” Netanyahu said.

By Josh Plank, World Israel News

Prime Minister Netanyahu on Wednesday warned Iran that Israel is prepared to destroy any regime which threatens the Jewish state.

Responding to a recent propaganda poster published on the website of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Netanyahu tweeted, “Khamenei’s threats to carry out ‘The Final Solution’ against Israel bring to mind the Nazi ‘Final Solution’ plan to annihilate the Jewish People.”

“He should know that any regime that threatens the destruction of the State of Israel faces a similar danger,” he said.

The Iranian poster read, “Palestine will be free. The final solution: Resistance until referendum,” and depicted crowds celebrating around Jerusalem, raising Palestinian flags and the flags of various terror groups while burning an Israeli flag.

After Netanyahu’s warning, Khamenei tweeted, “Eliminating the Zionist regime doesn’t mean eliminating Jews. We aren’t against Jews. It means abolishing the imposed regime & Muslim, Christian & Jewish Palestinians choose their own govt & expel thugs like Netanyahu. This is ‘Eliminating Israel’ & it will happen.”

Khamenei made it clear that until a referendum is held to eliminate the “Zionist regime,” Iran will continue to support terror groups. “We will support and assist any nation or any group anywhere who opposes and fights the Zionist regime, and we do not hesitate to say this,” he said.

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Iran’s “final solution” to eliminate Israel was submitted to the United Nations in November 2019 as “the plan for holding a national referendum in the territory of Palestine” and is published in full on Khamenei’s website.

The plan calls for the election of a new government in Israel by an ensured Arab majority, which would then decide what to do with the “non-indigenous residents,” presumably the Jews.

The plan has four stages: First, “enforcing the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their historical homeland.”

Second, “holding a national referendum among the people of Palestine, including the followers of all religions, who inhabited in Palestine before the issuance of the Balfour Declaration [1917], for the self-determination and determination of the political system.”

Third, “establishing the political system determined by the majority of the people of Palestine.”

And the final step of the solution, “deciding on the status of the non-indigenous residents of Palestine by the political system elected by the majority.”