Netanyahu thanks Chinese President Xi for innovation partnership

Netanyahu told the Chinese president that an innovation partnership between Israel and China was mutually beneficial. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday for accepting a partnership with Israel in the innovation field.

“Your decision to announce a comprehensive innovation partnership between China and Israel is a tremendously important decision, certainly for us in Israel, and I believe through our cooperation, for China as well,” Netanyahu said. “We admire China’s capabilities, its position on the world stage and in history.”

During the meeting, Netanyahu referenced his earlier remarks that Israel is a “junior partner” with China in this regard, by offering its technological expertise.

“There are vast and rapid changes in technology, which Israel excels in that we believe we could cooperate on,” Netanyahu added. “We know that you have great scientists, great industrialists, great capabilities, and we think that by working together we can make the future better for our peoples, but also I think for humanity as a whole.”

During Netanyahu’s official state visit this week, Israel and China also signed new agreements, expanding bilateral cooperation in the economic sector among several others.

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News