Netanyahu vows: Israel won’t repeat mistakes of Yom Kippur War

As the Jewish state approaches the 45th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, the prime minister reflected on the lessons learned from that costly conflict.


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has vowed that Israel would never repeat the mistake it made in 1973 by not preempting an enemy attack.

He made the remarks on Sunday, during his weekly cabinet meeting, as the country marks the 45th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War.

“We absorbed a bloody attack that cost us thousands of victims,” Netanyahu said in his address. “We must do everything to prevent war. Its victims … are a gaping wound in the heart of the nation. However, if war is forced upon us, we must do everything to win with minimal losses.”

Netanyahu explained that 45 years ago, the country’s intelligence erred with regard to “a mistaken assessment regarding the [belligerent] intentions of Egypt and Syria” to go to war.

“When these intentions became clear beyond all doubt, and when the danger was on our very doorstep, the political leadership made a grievous mistake by not allowing a preemptive strike. We will never repeat this mistake,” the prime minister emphasized.

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Following this remark, Netanyahu made it clear that Israel is constantly working to prevent its enemies from arming themselves with advanced weaponry.

“Our red lines are as sharp as ever and our determination to enforce them is stronger than ever.”

Netanyahu also addressed reports that the IDF was weighing permitting shortened sentences for convicted terrorists.

“I strongly oppose this. I know this is the position of the defense minister as well, and therefore it will not happen,” he added.