New FDA-safe spray prevents coronavirus, Israeli company says

Aquara has a list of first responders, healthcare worker agencies, and dental clinics who have signed up as supporters and early adopters.


Imagine that before entering your local supermarket a quick spray in each nostril means that there’s no need to wear a mask, apply hand-sanitizer or social distance. One bio-pharma company in Israel is providing that precise product. The best part is that it’s 100% FDA safe.

BioSimplx LLC , an Israeli bio-pharma company that believes that people should adhere to their local health authority guidelines (including masks), have tested a new oral/nasal spray called AQUARA that it claims stops coronavirus in its tracks.

And so, as pharmaceutical titans scramble to get their corona vaccines out to market, this oral & nasal spray could be an alternative that is potentially safer and far less painful than the jab. But even when the vaccine gets rolled out, most of the people taking the shot will be high-risk anyway, and the vaccine (depending on which one) is only 90% effective. Needless to say, everyone taking the vaccine knows they still have a 10% chance of catching covid. That’s why AQUARA’s spray will still be relevant as an added measure of safety even when the vaccine comes out.

99.9% effective, safe

The game-changing antiseptic is gaining popularity among high-risk individuals looking for a reliable and safe prophylactic against covid-19, the company says.

AQUARA was recently tested at an FDA-registered lab and found the formula to be up to 99.9% effective against the novel coronavirus in killing the infection in less than 90 seconds. The life-saving spray remains active for an hour-and-a-half.

Regarding potential side effects, it should be noted that AQUARA’s ingredients are on the FDA’s safe list ,known as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). The reason why the FDA considers it to be safe is because its most active ingredient is actually a micro-nutrient that we consume everyday and is even naturally found in our bodies – iodine.

Iodine’s magic properties

Iodine acts a biocide that can kill viruses before they even begin to develop in the body. And although iodine is commonly used as a topical treatment, it can also be used orally and nasally.

The reason it works so well, the company explains, is because the pharmacodynamics of iodine are akin to disinfectants, eliminating pathogenic organisms. Iodine quickly penetrates the cell wall of microorganisms and disrupts protein, nucleic acid structure and synthesis which essentially deactivates viruses. In layman’s terms, it kills the coronavirus before it can infect you.

Canada Health, the government body responsible for the country’s federal health policy, has now also confirmed that iodine is effective against the novel coronavirus. This conclusion is backed by research from other international health bodies like JAMA, U.S National Institutes of Health, and European Review for Medical & Pharmacological Science.

But what many people don’t realize is that too much iodine can cause side effects, including skin irritations, thyroid gland disturbances, upset stomach, and even general weakness.

What makes AQUARA so much safer than other iodine products like liquid and gel tab supplements, oral rinses and antiseptic preparations is that it contains a proprietary formula specially engineered to form a non-toxic iodine base.. This means that those taking the AQUARA formula receive a safe dosage of iodine rather than a toxic one.

The best of both worlds

With the AQUARA oral & nasal spray, those looking to avoid getting Covid can rest assured that they are ingesting well below the Food & Nutrition Board (FNB) recommendation suggested by the FDA for daily iodine consumption. That’s because the recommended daily allowance of iodine is 150 micrograms, but AQUARA boasts only 50 micrograms per dose. This means that anyone using the spray can avoid the dangerous side effects of iodine while staying well within the range of the recommended daily allowance, making AQUARA FDA safe. AQUARA can be used 10 times a day without concerns of toxicity from daily or chronic usage, the company says.

This groundbreaking oral & nasal-spray deactivates coronavirus in less than 90 seconds while remaining active for 1.5 hours, according to the company.  In other words, when you spray AQUARA up your nose or in your mouth, you enjoy all of the virus-killing results of iodine without the risky side effects.

Too simple to be true?

Some have speculated that the product’s simplicity almost sounds too good to be true. When asked for comment regarding that claim, founder Avraham Perlmuter responded saying that “the scientific community has overlooked an obvious fact: Simple hand soap, though normally thought just good hygienic practice, serves a greater purpose against covid-19. Soap lather actually dissolves the lipid protein around the virus.”

Perlmuter further stresses that the “ease of contagion with which the virus spreads so easily comes at a cost to the virus itself. The virus can be deactivated just as  easily as it spreads, by using simple basic substances  like hand soap, alcogel, and iodine. The virus; whether on surfaces, or our hands, or in the oral and nasal cavities, even before it has time to hijack the ACE2 receptor cells and cause infection, can be deactivated with simple products and basic hygiene. We should capitalize on this weakness, and that’s exactly what we have done.”

A response to the skeptics

And while some skeptics have been critical of the lack of clinical trials AQUARA has been subjected to, Perlmuter responded that we need to apply “a degree of rational thinking.” He emphasized that his company “isn’t asking people to take any ingredient that isn’t deemed compliant with the FDA safe list (GRAS). Furthermore, iodine is naturally present in our bodies, with almost 25% naturally found as iodide in our salivary glands.”

He adds that even health organizations around the world, like Canadian Health, are finally doing what his company did months ago, which is to put iodine on the list of substances that kill the coronavirus. And finally, “we successfully formulated AQUARA to stay within the total daily limits set by all world health organizations.

“When you combine those factors; that it kills the virus and it is safe for internal use then why wait to bring our  non-drug product to the market and start making a real difference. That said, these are drug free, preservative free, OTC products and they are being marketed in full compliance with FDA and FTC regulations. They prohibit us from making any treatment or cure claims related to the shelf product. Ultimately that protects the greater public from buying unsafe or ineffective products. As for those still critical of the product they certainly don’t need to buy it.”

The spray is currently available as an over the counter (OTC) Drug-Free Supplement and Oral & Nasal Antiseptic Hygiene Spray and can be purchased on the company’s site select pharmacies. Dental practices throughout the U.S. are carrying it as well.

However it should be noted that in compliance with FDA and FTC regulations, AQUARA will not be marketing their Oral & Nasal Spray with any covid claims despite lab tests proving otherwise. Perlmuter said that the company will pursue drug approval from the FDA. Until then, consumers can purchase the OTC Drug-Free formula, which is the same formula that will be submitted to the FDA for Drug Approval.

Alternative to a vaccine?

But can the AQUARA spray be used as a substitute for a vaccine? “Hopefully,” Perlmuter said, adding that “although a vaccine is important, our goal is to safely eradicate the virus which will make the vaccine obsolete.”

“Even the vaccine Pfizer & Moderna is pushing forward with a 5.5% variance while coronavirus only around 2%. So as much as no one wants to be in the 2% who contract the virus , no one who takes the vaccine will know if they end up in  5.5% who are effectively unprotected from the virus. That means the high-risk population who will get the vaccine will leave the doctor’s office worried that there is still a 5.5% chance they could get Corona. That means consumers will still be reaching for alternative preventatives that work.

“We aren’t asking people to take chemical compounds. Rather think of it perhaps as safe soap for your mouth and nose. The research is very clear and iodine was actually tested years ago against the previous respiratory viruses like SARs and MER’s and was able to eliminate the virus in seconds.”