New York lawmaker’s staff defends Hamas massacres on social media

‘This stuff cheers me up,’ New York state senator’s chief of staff wrote after October 7th massacres.

By Susan Tawil, World Israel News

Two of NY State Senator Julia Salazar’s staff members were found posting approval on their social media accounts for the Hamas October 7 bloody terrorist massacre of Israelis.

Salazar’s Communications and Policy director, Sarah Campbell, wrote on X/Twitter: “I don’t condemn Hamas, I condemn Israel.”

“After how many decades of a violent occupation does armed resistance become justified.”

“Who has reigned more terror: Hamas in the entirety of their existence, or Israel in just the last 30 days?”

Regarding the terror attack—wherein Hamas Palestinians invaded Israel, murdered 1,200 mostly civilian Israelis, committed rape and other atrocities, and took 240 men, women, and children hostage—the Senator’s Chief of Staff, Isabel Anreus, “liked” an October 7 post that said: “The stuff happening in Palestine really cheers me up.”

Both staffers have since locked their accounts.

The senator emphasized that the posts were written on private accounts without her knowledge, and on Monday fired Campbell.

Regarding Anreus’ contentious postings, Salazar wrote: “Her personal thoughts are not mine, and do not reflect (on) me or my office in any way at all.”

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Salazar is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and represents northwest Brooklyn, which includes Chassidic Jewish communities such as Williamsburg.

She has condemned the Hamas attack and called for the release of the hostages.

But Salazar has also criticized Israel’s retaliatory strikes against Gaza and demanded an Israeli ceasefire. Salazar was among the hundreds arrested at the “Ceasefire Rally” at NY’s Grand Central Terminal on October 27.