‘No way I’m taking a Zionist booking’ Australian business-owner boycotts Jewish school

Owner of inflatable castles rental company in Australia refuses to serve Jewish school, while sharing Palestinian nationalist slogans online.

By Susan Tawil, World Israel News

A simple rental request by a Jewish school in Australia has drawn international attention, after a local business owner linked the school’s offer to the war now raging between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.

Masada College, a Jewish school in the Sydney suburb of St. Ives, NSW (New South Wales), Australia, emailed Western Sydney Jump recently to inquire about renting outdoor games for an upcoming staff barbeque.

The company rents out moon bounces and inflatable castles (called “jumping castles” in Australia) and other party equipment.

The response to the principal, posted by the company’s owner Tanya Jones, read: “I have owned my business for 10 years. I have the right to decline any booking at anytime (sic).”

Then she added: “There’s no way I’m taking a Zionist booking. I don’t want your blood money. Free Palestine (followed by a “Palestinian” flag icon).”

She afterward brazenly posted her outrageous remark to her Instagram account, although it has since been deleted.

Masada College alumnus David Ossip, now President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, viewed the post as “sinister and disturbing.”

“The business…has sought to dehumanize Jews and then boasted about its despicable behavior,” said Ossip. “It is deeply repugnant and inconsistent with the values we hold dear as Australians.”

Australia prides itself on its national attitude of tolerance and inclusion. According to the government’s Department of Home Affairs, the country maintains a “culturally diverse, tolerant, and open society.”

Dr. Dvir Abramovich, chair of Australia’s Anti-Defamation Commission, labeled the “hateful and ugly outburst” as “unAustralian.”

“Who would have thought that in Sydney 2023, people would be denied a booking because of their support for Israel? We should have zero tolerance for this kind of profiling and indefensible prejudice.”

He called for an investigation by the Human Rights Commission.

NSW Premier Chris Minns condemned the “outrageous situation,” and called for an investigation by Federal and State authorities.

“It’s not in keeping with any part of our multicultural community,” he said.

Other Australians have called to shut down or boycott the company. Western Sydney Jump owner tried to walk back her malicious statement, saying that she took issue with Zionists, not Jews.

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Jewish Board President Ossip noted that Jones had also posted a photo of Masada 2nd graders, with the label: “Zionists.” “These are Australian kids, not participants in a foreign conflict,” he noted.

Police said they are making inquiries, but a police spokesman told the press on Wednesday that they were not formally investigating, as they do not believe a crime was involved.