Opinion: Seattle’s CHAZ descending into dangerous kill zone

The hard reality is that cops can’t be blamed for not risking their lives for a warlord zone engaged in a trash-can war.

By Monica Showalter, American Thinker

So much for Seattle’s ‘summer of love.’ That’s some ‘block party atmosphere’ they’ve got in the CHOP.

Less than two weeks after Seattle’s mayor allowed warlords to declare an autonomous zone over six blocks of Seattle in the name of ‘abolishing’ the police, the place is already starting to look like Liberia.

According to the New York Times:

One person died and another was critically injured by gunfire early Saturday morning inside a portion of a Seattle neighborhood that has been occupied by protesters for more than a week, officials said.

The shootings unfolded at a protester-run region known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or the Capitol Hill Organized Protest area. It has been celebrated as a “no cop” zone, and the Seattle Police Department wrote in a statement that detectives were investigating the shooting “despite the challenges presented by the circumstances.”

Apparently, the cops couldn’t get in in order to clear a path to allow the first responding medics in.

And for that, the warlords running that hole are blaming cops for their own barbaric rule.

‘Autonomous’ indeed. Actually, it’s infantile. They take over six city blocks claiming themselves more fit to rule than the established rule of law and its Democratic rulers allowed. They vowed they’d be police-free. They’d show us all how, and then they got exactly what they wanted as Seattle’s wretched leftist officials bowed to them and cheered their becoming police-free. After that, word got out that it was going to get mighty easy to get away with killing people, because city officials had already abdicated.

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The ‘gun-free zone’ talk went out the window in this dumpster-fire of autonomous rule, too. Here’s a warlord handing out weapons to anyone over 18 from the trunk of his car:

Doesn’t sound like what’s known as the CHOP zone went with registrations or background checks, let alone ammo limits.

Here’s more blame-the-cops lunacy:

“Last night’s shooting should redirect us to the task at hand – to defend Black lives by dismantling the Seattle Police Department and investing in real community safety,” a group called Decriminalize Seattle said in a statement.

Now there’s another incident.

SEATTLE — Another night of gunfire at Seattle’s protester-led “autonomous zone” sent one person to the hospital with injuries, the second round of gun violence over the weekend in an area where officers had pulled out of the police station.

Susan Gregg, a spokeswoman at Harborview Medical Center, said one person who had been shot in or near the zone was brought by private vehicle for treatment late Sunday night. The victim was in serious condition, Ms. Gregg said. The Seattle Police Department said it was investigating a reported shooting inside the zone.

On Saturday morning, separate shootings left a 19-year-old man dead and another in critical condition.

And there will be more.

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The hard reality is that cops can’t be blamed for not risking their lives for a warlord zone engaged in a trash-can war. Police are there to uphold rule of law and keep everyone safe. They shouldn’t be expected to risk their lives or die to uphold a warlord hellhole that exists solely in opposition to their existence.

As cops are being blamed, the real blame goes to Seattle’s disgusting far-left officials, who let it all happen right under their noses. They were not just naive, they were motivated by their comparable hatred of cops, and their overarching hatred of President Trump. Remember this ugly taunt from the mayor of Seattle?

So much for all this lovely ‘summer of love’ and the ‘big block party.’

It went downhill fast in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ),since renamed ‘CHOP.’

It’s tempting to want to just let the place burn and let the dirtbags stir in their own juices. But an ugly precedent has been set, trash-can fires can always spread, and people are going to be fleeing. If President Trump can’t send troops in, it makes sense to penalize the city for its sickening absence of responsibility to its own sworn upheld office. Legal means to put these people in the docks, and withholding of fundings might just be a start.

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