Palestinian Authority arrests men for eating in public during Ramadan

Palestinian police are arresting people on the streets on charges of eating in public during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Palestinian police arrested a man in Tubas on Wednesday for “violating the sacredness of Ramadan” by eating in public during the month holy to Muslims.

Police said in the statement that they saw a man “breaking the fast” publicly and arrested him, and that he would face legal consequences for the act, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

The Muslim month of Ramadan is observed by fasting from dawn until sunset.

On Monday, the head of the Ramallah general prosecution office, Alaa Tamimi, said those caught violating the fast would be jailed for one month.

In the Hebron district, Palestinian police arrested three men on Monday who were caught eating in a public place. A police statement said they were arrested for “paying no respect to the feelings of those fasting.”

The three were referred to the general prosecution to face legal proceedings.

Article 275 of the Palestinian penal code, amended in 2011, notes that breaking the fast publicly during Ramadan prompts a punishment of up to 30 days in prison or a fine of up to 15 Jordanian dinars ($21).

Although minority groups were not mentioned specifically, in previous years these PA religious restrictions against public eating were enforced against Christians as well, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

By: World Israel News Staff