Palestinian mob attacks German ambassador, other EU officials

German Ambassador to the PA Oliver Owcza and other EU officials chased by by mob throwing shoes and stones.

By World Israel News Staff

An angry mob of Palestinian students hurled stones and shoes at the German Ambassador to the Palestinian Authority and other European Union officials as they visited Birzeit University in Ramallah on Tuesday afternoon.

German Ambassador to the PA Oliver Owcza was visiting a Palestinian museum on the campus of the university, along with other heads of EU missions to the PA.

Owcza was berated by a large crowd as he visited the school over Germany’s support for Israel’s military campaign against the Hamas terror group, causing security to cut his visit short.

Footage circulating on social media showed Owcza being rushed to a waiting vehicle, as students threw their footwear and rocks at him.

Once Owcza was inside the car, the students surrounded his vehicle, pelting it with objects and breaking its side-view mirror.

The cars of other visiting EU envoys were also attacked, with mobs smashing their windshields.

Students were also heard jeering Owcza and other officials, screaming at them to “Get out!”

In a statement on social media platform X, Owcza glossed over the violence in the incident.

“Peaceful protest [and] dialogue always has its place,” he wrote.

“We regret that today’s meeting of EU Heads of Missions at the National Museum in Birzeit was unduly interrupted by protesters.”

Germany’s ambassador to Israel, Steffen Seibert, wrote on X that he and his other diplomatic colleagues in the country were all safe and unharmed.

Amr Kayed, a Birzeit University student, told local media that the mobs had chased away the EU diplomats because they did not strongly condemn Israel’s war against Hamas.

“Anyone complicit in genocide and the offensive on Gaza” should not be welcome on the Birzeit campus, he said.