Palestinian premier calls for ‘unity’ with Hamas, tells world to stop ‘focusing on October 7th’

‘People should stop focusing on October 7th,’ says Palestinian prime minister, calling for alliance with Hamas.

By World Israel News Staff

A top Palestinian Authority official called on the Hamas terror organization to join a summit hosted by Russia, in the hopes of establishing an alliance between the Ramallah-based PA and the terror group.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference Sunday, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh endorsed unification with Hamas, entreating the Gaza terror group to join the February 26th summit in Moscow.

“Russia has invited all Palestinian factions who will be meeting on the twenty-sixth of this month in Moscow,” Shtayyeh said. “We will see if Hamas is ready to come to the ground with us.”

“We are ready to engage. If Hamas is not then that’s a different story. We need Palestinian unity.”

“In order for Hamas to be a member of the PLO there has to be prerequisites that Hamas has to accept — the political platform of the PLO, an understanding on the issue of resistance and we are calling for popular resistance and nothing else.”

Shtayyeh also downplayed Hamas atrocities committed during the October 7th invasion of southwestern Israel, saying it was time to stop “focusing” on the massacres.

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“One should not continue focusing on October 7. No way that we accept any killing of innocent people. This is something that we should put behind ourselves.”

The Palestinian premier dismissed calls from abroad for reform in the PA, saying “It’s not about reform, it’s not about anything. It’s about Palestinians wanting an end to occupation.”

The Biden administration has repeatedly pushed for major reforms in Ramallah, calling them a necessary precursor to Palestinian Authority control over Gaza after the current war with Israel. Israel, however, has insisted on maintaining security control over the coastal enclave even after the war.

Shtayyeh himself had proposed a reform plan last month, but did not cite his own proposal when asked about a possible shakeup in the PA.

Last week Sky News Arabia reported that Hamas’ senior leadership had green-lit a plan aimed at achieving a rapprochement with the Palestinian Authority, with Hamas becoming a member of the Palestine Liberation organization.