Palestinians make eighth attempt to blow up Israeli court

Palestinian terrorists were caught again attempting to blow up a military court in Samaria.

By: World Israel News Staff

Two Palestinian terrorists attempted to blow up a military court in Samaria on Sunday, but Israeli forces securing the compound were successful in thwarting the attack.

The terrorists arrived at a checkpoint near the courthouse, where a border policeman noticed their suspicious behavior and alerted a patrol at the scene.

When the two suspects were approached they began to flee, while each discarded a pipe bomb.

The terrorists were arrested and taken for questioning.

The court was briefly shut down, while sappers were alerted to the scene and safely dismantled the explosive charges.

The suspects were also found to be carrying a lighter, with which police suspect they intended to ignite the bombs.

No one was injured in the incident.

This is at least the eighth failed attempt by Palestinians to bomb this target, and the sixth attempt since the beginning of the year. The latest attempt occurred in February.

Similar incidents occurred in January, as well as twice in December, twice in October, and before that in May.