Police arrest Jerusalem Arabs for inciting violence and terror on social media

Palestinian residents of eastern Jerusalem accused of posting videos on social media instigating violence.


The Israel police spokesman’s office revealed that a resident of the Jabal Mukaber Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem was arrested on Monday evening on charges of publishing videos in which he allegedly incited terrorism and violence.

The operational forces located him and he was arrested for questioning at the Jerusalem District Police Station

The operation was carried out jointly by detectives from the Jerusalem District Central Unit together with Border Police fighters.

The arrest came after another one on Sunday night of people who are also accused of instigating violence.

The police said that one such arrestee was a 20-year-old resident of the Ras al-Amud Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem. He was arrested Sunday after the Jerusalem District Police monitored a video of the suspect on Tiktok, which contained content that included threats of terrorism and violence.

The suspect was brought before a court on Monday, which granted the police request and extended his detention until April 7, 2002.

The Jerusalem District Police pledged to continue to operate against such incitement and to review its proliferation on social media.