RED LINE CROSSED: Left-wing protester arrested for striking Israeli minister

An anti-government demonstrator attacked Agriculture Minister Avi Dichter during “Day of Paralysis.”


An Israeli woman was arrested on Thursday for striking Agriculture Minister Avi Dichter on the head with a flag during a protest against the government’s judicial reform program.

More than 150 demonstrations are taking place across Israel as part of a “Day of Paralysis,” which began in the morning with a protest at the Airport City business park adjacent to the eastern entrance to Ben-Gurion Airport.

The protesters were blocking the roads ahead of a conference featuring the participation of Dichter and Economy Minister Nir Barkat.

The protesters broke into the conference complex, shouting “Shame” and threatening the Cabinet members.

In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “I strongly condemn the attack on Minister Avi Dichter by a left-wing activist and demand that opposition leaders immediately stop the anarchy, violence and incitement against elected officials.

“I demand that the police and the State Attorney’s Office take immediate and firm action against anyone who lays a hand on elected officials—before it’s too late.”

Earlier Thursday, a reporter from conservative Israeli news station Channel 14 was harassed by protesters at the Airport City complex and was unable to finish her live report.

Demonstrators were also planning to again block Netanyahu from departing for a diplomatic trip after previous unsuccessful attempts to prevent the premier from flying to Rome and Berlin over the past two weeks. Netanyahu is scheduled to depart for London on Thursday evening to meet with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Dozens of protesters have been arrested for violence and blocking major roads in different parts of the country amid the mass disruptions.