‘Rewarding terror’ – Hostages’ families blast Bibi on humanitarian aid to Gaza

“Hostages are being held in inhumane conditions, while the government of Israel is treating the murderers to baklava and medicine,” says umbrella group representing captives’ families.

By World Israel News Staff

The families of Israelis who were abducted by Hamas terrorists and are currently being held captive in the Gaza Strip slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for allowing humanitarian aid to enter the coastal enclave, breaking a previous commitment to sieging the territory until the hostages are released.

The Israeli government, headed by Netanyahu, quietly admitted on Wednesday evening that it would allow at least 20 trucks with food, water, and medicine to enter the Strip via the Egyptian-controlled Rafah crossing point.

“The decision to allow humanitarian aid to the murderers of Gaza has caused great anger among the family members,” the Bring Them Home Now organization, an umbrella group representing hostage’s families, said in a statement.

“We remind you that children, babies, women, soldiers, men and the elderly — some of whom have serious health issues, are wounded and shot — are being held underground like animals in inhumane conditions, and the government of Israel is treating the murderers to baklava and medicine,” the group added.

If “this horrible decision to aid the murderers of Gaza is not canceled, the families will intensify their struggle in the near future,” they warned.

The news came several hours after President Joe Biden’s whirlwind visit to Israel, and on the same day that Netanyahu and several of his cabinet members pledged to continue the siege of Gaza.

“We will not allow humanitarian assistance in the form of food and medicines from our territory to the Gaza Strip,” Netanyahu told Hebrew-language media on Wednesday, during Biden’s visit.

Hours later, the government released a statement clarifying that Israel would “not prevent humanitarian assistance from Egypt as long as it is only food, water and medicine for the civilian population located in the southern Gaza Strip.”

The humanitarian aid would be permitted to enter the enclave “as long as these supplies do not reach Hamas.

Considering that Hamas controls the entire Gaza Strip and rules the enclave with an iron fist, it’s highly unlikely that Israel will be able to stop the aid from being usurped by the terror organization.