Russia recruits Syrian youth to fight Ukraine

Other reports claim that Syrian rebels, who oppose the Assad regime, are heading to Ukraine too, but to fight the Russian invaders.

By Baruch Yedid, TPS

Reports from Syria indicated to TPS that Russia has been recruiting Syrian volunteers to join the assault on Ukraine.

Russia is said to be offering $2,000 ito each recruit as well as a promise to pay $5,000 to the family of anyone who is killed while fighting in Ukraine.

It seems that the war between Russia and Ukraine has put Syrians on both sides of the fence.

On the one hand, the Syrian rebels are demanding that Western countries equip them with quality weapons so they can “become Europe’s defensive belt” against President Vladimir Putin’s aspirations to expand Russia’s influence in the Middle East.

On the other hand, young Syrian supporters of Assad regime are reportedly offering to serve with the Russian military now fighting in Ukraine.

There are also reports from Syria indicating that groups of rebel forces – those fighting against the regime of the Syrian dictator – have already begun the process of heading to Ukraine to join the war against the Russian invaders.

One Syrian businessman of Ukrainian descent is said to have announced plans to fund the establishment of a Ukrainian battalion consisting entirely of Syrian rebels.

A Syrian journalist who supports the rebellion against the Assad regime told TPS that “rebel forces who have despaired in recent years due to the West’s response to their conflict are now resurfacing in the face of the need in Europe to help Ukraine and send it advanced weapons in the face of Putin’s ambitions.”

Russia claims that Ukrainian fighters are now using tactics hey learned from the rebel forces in Syria.