Sarsour accuses Israel of ‘indiscriminate killings’ despite IDF’s efforts to avoid civilian casualties

“They have stripped the Palestinians of their humanity,” Sarsour tweeted against Israel.

By World Israel News Staff 

Linda Sarsour has lashed out against Israel again, charging the Jewish State with “pushing propaganda” about the Gazan people, even as Israel has again been at the receiving end of hundreds of rockets from the Gaza Strip over the past few days.

“They have stripped the Palestinians of their humanity to justify the indiscriminate killings including of children,” Sarsour tweeted on Wednesday as the rocket barrages on Israel were continuing.

The sides were said to have reached a ceasefire overnight. Israeli officials repeated an often-used phrase that “quiet would be met with quiet.” However, rocket attacks on Israel continued on Thursday.

When Israel assassinated Baha Abu Al Ata, who it has described as an Islamic Jihad terror mastermind, on Tuesday, it said it had waited to carry out the attack until all civilians including children had left his surroundings, even though Abu Al Ata was deemed a “ticking timebomb” who had to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argued in an appearance on Thursday that while Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties, Palestinian terrorists deliberately put civilians in harm’s way.

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By international law, he said, one “cannot fight people who are innocent civilians. You [might] cross that line accidentally, but you can’t cross it deliberately. If you deliberately target civilians, that’s a war crime.”

Netanyahu charged that Palestinian terrorists “target our cities; they target Ashkelon, as they did today. They target the communities around Gaza. They target Tel Aviv. They target Jerusalem. They deliberately target civilians. That’s a war crime,” he told a delegation from the Washington-based AIPAC pro-Israel lobby group.

“Now, they commit a second war crime. They not only target civilians, they hide behind civilians in civilian areas so that they know that we, who are trying to avoid hitting civilians, will not hit them in their places of hiding. So they’re committing a double war crime. They’re targeting civilians and they’re hiding behind civilians, trying to basically receive a safe situation where they can keep on doing this,” said the Israeli prime minister at the Jerusalem event, according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Netanyahu has indicated in the past  that he has held back on a larger military push against terrorists to allow for Qatari efforts to improve the socio-economic state of Gazan civilians, even as the Hamas leadership has spent large sums of money on Iran-backed terror activity.

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Sarsour charged in her tweet that Israel spreads the message that “the Palestinians of Gaza are terrorists.”

She has been accused in the past of anti-Semitism and of supporting anti-Israeli activists.

Sarsour backs the U.S. presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, who recently stated that some of the U.S. aid to Israel should go to Gaza instead.

In Sarsour’s Twitter profile picture, she is photographed together with Sanders.

The Gaza Strip has been ruled by Hamas since 2007. In 2005, Israel pulled out all its civilian population and military forces from the enclave but the air attacks from Gaza have continued.