Seriously wounded terror victim, 19, faces her Palestinian attacker in court

“The court must sentence him to the maximum term – life in prison,” Malka said.

By World Israel News Staff 

Shuva Malka, seriously wounded in a stabbing attack in the northern Israeli town of Afula in June 2018, made an appearance in court on Thursday to testify against the Palestinian terrorist.

Nur al-Din Shinawi of Jenin is on trial at the Nazareth District Court.

He reportedly had told investigators that his motive to carry out such an attack was a hatred for Jews which he developed after his mother had been “humiliated” during a security check in the Temple Mount area in Jerusalem and after friends were killed while carrying out a terror attack against Israeli soldiers.

“I have no interest in this creature,” Malka said Thursday, according to Ynet, referring to the terrorist. She was an 18-year-old high school student at the time of the attack.

Nur al-Din Shinawi, the Palestinian who stabbed Shuva Malka in a terror attack in Afula on June 11, 2018, at the Nazareth District Court.

Nur al-Din Shinawi, the Palestinian terrorist who stabbed Shuva Malka on June 11, 2018, at the Nazareth District Court, Nov. 21, 2019. (Flash90/Meir Vaknin)

“There is no personal issue; it is a national issue,” she said, in explaining on Thursday why she felt the need to testify.

In her court testimony, Malka spoke of the “heavy pain” in her shoulder that she suffered in the attack as she saw the terrorist with a knife in his hand across from her. She also described the long recovery period which followed.

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She had been waiting for a bus when she was attacked and shouted “they’ve stabbed me” before collapsing, according to the Arutz 7 news outlet. For days, doctors are said to have fought to keep her alive.

In court on Thursday, she recalled that she had been waiting for the bus for about 10 minutes. She had a book and was studying for a test, said Malka, according to Ynet.

“As I was waiting, I noticed that someone was staring at me but I didn’t think anything of it,” she continued. Then, she said, “it happened all at once,” Malka told the court on Thursday, according to the media report.

“Someone approached me swiftly and I felt a strong pain in my left shoulder,” she testified. She described how she ran away from the assailant into the town to get help.

“The court must sentence him to the maximum term – life in prison,” Malka said earlier this week, Arutz 7 reports. “There is no reason that Jews should fear traveling in the cities,” she said.