Shin Bet: Terrorist who murdered 3 Israelis was wife beater

The Shin Bet’s preliminary investigation indicates that the terrorist had “significant personal and family problems, including those regarding family violence.”

The Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) stated Tuesday that the Palestinian terrorist who murdered three Israelis and seriously wounded a fourth was a violent wife batterer who was embroiled in a bitter custody battle.

The Shin Bet identified the terrorist who carried out the attack in Har Adar as Nimr Mahmoud Ahmed Jamal, 37, the father of four, who had a limited permit to work in Har Adar.

The preliminary investigation indicates that he had “significant personal and family problems, including those regarding family violence.” His wife fled to Jordan following the domestic violence several weeks ago and left him with their children.

The terrorist was well known by the residents of Har Adar, had worked as a cleaner in their houses for years and was considered by many as a close friend. Jamal is not known to have any prior connections to terrorism.

Relating to the terrorist’s identity, Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh said there is no common profile for a terrorist. “It can be anyone who has decided that he has had enough and expresses his rage in a terror attack, through which he obtains a final honor,” he explained.

The terrorist has already been lauded as a hero by several Palestinian factions and terror groups, and his family is expected to handsomely compensated and supported by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which acts in accordance with Palestinian law and pays stipends to families of terrorists. Israel views this conduct as an incitement to terrorism.

Netanyahu: Terrorist was ‘Depraved Individual’

Speaking at the beginning of the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the terrorist a “depraved individual.”

“While we are still investigating the event and its implications, we can say some things with certainty even now. One – the home of the terrorist will be demolished. Two – the IDF has already cordoned off the village. Three – all work permits for members of the terrorist’s extended family are hereby revoked,” Netanyahu stated.

Responsibility for the attack lies with the Palestinian leadership, he added.

“This murderous attack is the result of systematic incitement by the Palestinian Authority and other elements and I expect Abu Mazen [PA head Mahmoud Abbas] to condemn it and not attempt to justify it,” the prime minister said charged.

“The security forces will continue to take action against incitement and terrorism as they have been doing night,” he vowed.

President Reuven Rivlin stated that “in such difficult moments, our hearts go out to the families of those murdered, and we pray for recovery of those injured.”

“Such a brutal terror attack once again shows the daily frontline on which our security forces stand, charged today with the most important mission – the safeguarding and defense of the citizens of Israel. We will continue to confront terror, and will reach all its perpetrators and supporters,” he declared.

By: World Israel News Staff