SHOCKING: Tel Aviv airport staff throw passengers’ luggage in garbage

Following a request from Israel’s Mako news site, the Airport Authority will launch an investigation into the trashing of passengers’ belongings, as seen in the video below.

Suitcases of passengers with all their contents were thrown in the trash and looted at Ben-Gurion Airport, Mako reported after receiving photos and videos of the incident.

The owners flew abroad last week and are still waiting for their suitcases, which they apparently will never see again.

As seen in the video, the most personal items belonging to the passengers – ranging from clothes, car keys, books and prayer items – were discarded. Many were clearly labeled with contact information.

Recently, due to Covid, there have been serious manpower shortages in airports around the world, including loaders, which means that several suitcases remain at Ben Gurion Airport until claimed by the owners. Those not collected after 90 days can go to auction, Mako explains.

However, according to the ID tags attached to the luggage, at least two suitcases belonged to passengers who flew in recent days — one who landed from London on July 3 and another who took off for Vienna the following day.

As noted by Mako, piles of lost luggage can be found at airports all over the world, but images of luggage thrown in the trash, particularly those belonging to passengers who left only days earlier, “are unusual and not seen at a western airport.”

(Documentation begins after commercial.)