Survey: 77% of Israelis oppose removing Temple Mount metal detectors

Almost four out of five Israelis disagree with removal of metal detectors from the entrances to the Temple Mount, a recent survey finds. 

The Israeli public, by an overwhelming margin, is disappointed with the Security Cabinet’s decision to remove metal detectors from the various entrances to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, according to a survey originally reported by Israel’s Channel 2. 

The survey, conducted by the online psychology website Midgam and Israeli internet panel and digital data collection agency iPanel, reveals that 77 percent of respondents believe that the decision to remove the metal detectors was a form of capitulation on Israel’s part. Seventeen percent disagreed with such an assertion.

The metal detectors were placed at the entrances of the Temple Mount after two Israeli police officers were shot and killed at the site by Muslim terrorists who used weapons previously stashed at the mosque compound. Subsequently, Palestinians rioted in protest of the new security measures, and the Palestinian Authority suspended “all ties” with Israel.

Arab-Israeli MKs and Palestinians declared “victory” after Israel’s Security Cabinet on Monday night decided to remove the metal detectors.

The survey by Midgam and iPanel also asked respondents to provide their opinions on setting up the metal detectors in the first place and how they felt Netanyahu was handling the situation. Notably, the gaps were smaller.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said that installing the metal detectors was the right decision while 23 percent disagreed. With regard to Netanyahu’s performance on the issue, 67 percent said that he was not doing a good job, with only 23 percent approving of the prime minister’s approach.

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By: World Israel News Staff