Syria: 2 soldiers wounded in Israeli strikes near Damascus

The strikes are said to have targeted Hezbollah military sites and warehouses near Al-Dimas Airport and in the Al-Saboura area.


Two soldiers were wounded in Israeli strikes in the Damascus area on Tuesday night, according to Syrian state media.

The attacks, which occurred at 12:25 a.m. local time, also caused material damage, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency reported, citing a military source.

According to the source, “bursts of missiles” from the direction of the Golan Heights targeted sites around the capital.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition-affiliated organization based in London, reported that the strikes targeted Hezbollah military sites and warehouses near the Al-Dimas airport and Al-Saboura area, causing fires at both sites.

Israel has reportedly struck hundreds of targets in Syria in recent years, as part of its efforts to prevent Iranian military entrenchment in the country. However, it rarely acknowledges these incidents.

On July 5, Hebrew media reported that Israeli fighter jets struck Iranian targets in the Damascus area, and according to the Israeli military on July 1 Israeli warplanes struck an anti-aircraft battery in Syrian territory after a Syrian anti-aircraft missile exploded over southern Israel, with shrapnel found in the Bedouin town of Rahat. No casualties were reported.

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