Israeli-Arab x-ray technician in Tel Aviv hospital calls to rape Jewish policewoman

Non-profit Zionist watchdog demands Assuta Hospital i Tel Aviv fire employee who promotes violence on Facebook against Israeli police.

By Eytan Meir, Im Tirtzu

Tareq Diab, an Israeli-Arab X-ray technician from Tel-Aviv’s Assuta Hospital, sparked outrage on Tuesday after he uploaded a post on Facebook calling to rape an Israeli border policewoman, Makor Rishon‘s Assaf Gibor reported.

Responding to a viral photograph of a border policewoman pinning an Arab suspect against a wall, Diab launched into a vile diatribe attacking the policewoman.

“Let’s see her alone with this Arab guy without a gun. He would put his Arab penis in her until she would say freeeee palestineeee [sic] and would convert to Islam,” wrote Diab.


“Whore, daughter of a whore. A nation of cowards,” Diab added.

Assuta Hospital issued a response condemning the post, but gave no indication that the worker would be fired.

“Assuta Medical Centers promote values of respect and condemn all instances of racism and disrespectful dialogue, even on social media. The issue was relayed to the relevant authorities and is being addressed. A discussion was had with the employee and he apologized and deleted the post. In addition, we reiterated to him the accepted norms of respectful dialogue on social media, as is expected of all Assuta workers.”

The Arab Desk of the Zionist watchdog group Im Tirtzu blasted Diab’s remarks and called on Assuta to fire him.

“These disgusting comments are unforgivable, and Assuta has a responsibility to its patients to immediately fire this man before he can inflict any nationalistically motivated harm. A clear message must be sent that such individuals will not be permitted to provide medical care.”

Im Tirtzu added: “This man is not only a disgraceful human being, but a disgrace to the thousands of devoted Israeli-Arab medical workers who work night and day to provide the best medical care to all Israeli citizens, Jews and Arabs alike.”