Terrorist eliminated after attempted stabbing

An Arab terrorist was eliminated Tuesday after an attempted stabbing attack on an IDF soldier in Samaria. It occurred a day after the arrest of a PA resident who planned to attack soldiers in Jerusalem with a knife.

Security forces thwarted an attempted stabbing attack at a checkpoint near the Palestinian city Tulkarem in Samaria, an IDF spokesman said.

The terrorist reportedly tried stabbing an IDF soldier, who shot and killed the attacker. No Israelis were injured.

Israel Border Police guards operating in eastern Jerusalem on Monday arrested an Arab resident of the Palestinian Authority-administered territories who revealed during  interrogation his intention to carry out an attack on security forces in the Israeli capital.

Border Police guards operating in the Arab neighborhood of At-Tur in eastern Jerusalem, approximately one kilometer from the Old City, searched a bus belonging to the public transportation services, where they subsequently arrested a teenager who raised suspicions. Preliminary investigation revealed that the 19-year-old, a resident of the PA territories, had no legal stay permits and thus was brought for further questioning.

The investigation indicated that the suspect had intended to go to the Damascus Gate in the Old City, buy a knife with the cash in his possession  and stab security forces deployed in the area.

The suspect’s detention was extended by the court until Wednesday, when police will ask for a second extension in order to further the investigation.

“The increased assessments, operational deployment, vigilance and professionalism of the officers and fighters constantly working the area led again to thwart an attack on innocent people and security forces,” the Israel Police stated. “The operational activities and determination will continue as long as necessary for the well being and safety of local residents and visitors.”

By: World Israel News and Tazpit News Agency