Terrorist shot dead after smashing IDF soldier’s skull with a hammer

Hammer-wielding terrorist shot and killed near Ramallah after injuring Israeli soldier.

By World Israel News Staff

An Israeli soldier was injured after a Palestinian Arab terrorist struck him in the head with a hammer late Wednesday night, the IDF said early Thursday morning.

The incident occurred outside of the Palestinian Authority-administered town of Beitin in the Ramallah district, when an Arab terrorist armed with a hammer and a knife attacked an IDF soldier stationed in a pillbox.

The terrorist used the hammer to strike a soldier in the head, injuring him.

Temporarily stunned, the soldier nevertheless managed to shoot and neutralize the terrorist, who later succumbed to his wounds.

“The quick response by the soldier, who recovered within a few seconds after being attacked with a hammer, prevented a serious attack which could have ended in his death,” an IDF spokesperson said.

After the terrorist was neutralized, Israeli security personnel found a knife in the terrorist’s bag.

Army medics were called to the scene to treat the injured soldier, who was listed in light condition.

Speaking with Kan Thursday morning, the injured soldier recalled the attack, saying it was “a miracle” that he managed to shoot the terrorist after being struck by the hammer.

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“He slammed my skull with a hammer. It’s a miracle I’m alive. He also had a knife in a bag.”

“If I would have fainted from the hammer and been stabbed, no one would know where I was. I was inside the pillbox. I was under enormous pressure.”