How Israeli startups are transforming their industries

Israeli startups are transforming their industries by developing new technologies and solving real-world challenges.

By Omri Hurwitz 

Israel has a flourishing startup ecosystem, which provides a fertile ground for many of the world’s most innovative technologies. It is home to the largest number of startups outside of Silicon Valley and is ranked as one of the most innovative countries in the world.

Israeli startups are transforming their industries by developing new technologies and solving real-world challenges.

The Israeli government has taken steps to foster innovation through various initiatives such as encouraging entrepreneurship, funding up-and-coming startups, and introducing new laws that make it easy to test innovative ideas. These initiatives have been successful for years and continue to help Israel grow as a technological powerhouse.

It is said that Israel has more companies listed on NASDAQ than any other non-U.S. country – a testament to this startup nation’s innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive that continues to redefine the global tech scene one startup at a time.

In this article, I will showcase several startups transforming their respected industries.


While a growing number of mainstream financial companies are interested in taking part in future finance to widen their portfolios with innovative blockchain products and services, they encounter the main blockers that create a gap. This gap starts with the knowledge barrier through the technology, liquidity, and regulatory complexities.

Crymbo enables the mainstream financial companies to offer digital assets and Blockchain-based products as part of their portfolio by lowering the entry barriers existing in the industry today.

Crymbo delivers a next-generation DeFi optimization platform that will integrate the mandatory needs of both mainstream finance and digital asset markets under one platform powered by regulated clearing and settlement rails to enable direct access to a wide range of decentralized financial services Crymbo tackles all necessary aspects, with a simple, easy and secure Interface that enables its customers to become meaningful players in the digital assets marketplace while shortening the time to market with a simple, easy and secure integration.


Simpool has developed an AI-based sandbox that analyses end users’ journeys, enabling App & Product developers to answer the most essential question for their product success – “What if?”

With an easy server-to-server API-based integration, Simpool will output: in-game insights, user segments, and most profitable predicted configurations. Simpool grants Product, Monetization, and User Acquisition managers, a competitive advantage by enabling them to gain 10x faster time to insight on data, 100x more exploration options, and 20x quicker product iterations, resulting in saved time, effort, and the ability to predict churn, conversion and LTV.


Storycards is the world’s first editor to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual canvas with no-code.

The platform’s workflow lets editors come up with great interactive experiences, mix and match from various products such as Quiz, Poll, Lead Form, and more to create a unique engagement and customize behavior experience according to their needs, design, and brand guidelines.

Storycards also lets publishers learn more about their users and get real-time user data to find audience and content insights. Create smarter segments based on their choices and run personalized advertising campaigns.

Unlimited Robotics

Unlimited Robotics launched its developer’s platform, named Ra-Ya, which makes it easier for any software engineer to build robotic applications even without prior experience in hard-coded environments.

The hardware and software applications can be integrated into Gary, the company’s first service robot, that will be available for sale to consumers, businesses, and offices, starting from 2022. The beta version of Ra-Ya is free, and developers can integrate and offer their applications to Gary’s consumers or businesses, whether on paid or free monthly subscriptions.

Through their unique technology of interconnectivity among the robots in their network, “One robot teaches the other robots how to improve in their next task,” says Guy Altagar, Co-Founder & CEO of Unlimited Robotics, with who I collaborate.

Gary the Robot will be available for sale at the beginning of 2022, and the company announces the opening of a waiting list, in which users will be able to save the right to get Gary first, for a one-time fee of $99. The company plans to sell Gary on a monthly subscription basis. The company decided to also accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, making it the first in their industry to accept cryptocurrencies for their products.


The author is a Tech Marketer and Media Strategist. His client portfolio consists of some of the leading companies and start-ups in Tech.