Three wounded in Hezbollah missile attacks

Anti-tank missiles fired from Lebanon into southern Israel leaves three wounded; IDF responds with artillery fire.

By World Israel News Staff

Hezbollah terrorists operating in southern Lebanon fired two anti-tank missiles in two separate attack across the border into northern Israel Tuesday morning and afternoon, leaving at least three people injured.

The first missile was fired towards the northern Israeli town of Metulah, which sits on the border with Lebanon.

Emergency medical teams were dispatched to the scene, treating the victims before evacuating them to Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat (Safed).

One of the three victims is listed in moderate condition, the other two were lightly injured.

Immediately following the missile attack, the IDF responded with artillery fire targeting Hezbollah positions in south Lebanon.

The nearby city of Kiryat Shemona advised residents to remain close to shelters in case of further missile attacks.

“The explosions heard minutes ago were from our forces, in response to a security situation in Metulah. The instructions are for residents of Kiryat Shemona to remain close to sheltered areas.”

At approximately 1:20 p.m. Tuesday, a second anti-tank missile was fired from southern Lebanon towards an army position outside of the town of Margaliot.

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The missile attack was followed by gunfire from southern Lebanon.

The IDF responded with artillery fire.

No information has yet been received regarding casualties in the second attack.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israel Air Force aircraft bombed a group of terrorists as they attempted to infiltrate from Lebanon into Israel.

Four terrorists were eliminated in the IAF strike, which occurred at the border, near the Israeli town of Hanita.

The terrorist cell was observed attempting to plan a bomb on the Israeli side of the frontier.

“The IDF foiled an infiltration by a terrorist cell, and we will continue to take action,” said IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari. “Anyone who attempts to reach the fence and infiltrate into Israeli territory will be killed on the fence.”

On Monday, an Arab-Israeli construction contractor was killed when Hezbollah terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at northern Israel, hitting a construction site in the northern Israeli town of Shtula.

Several Arab workers were also injured in the attack.

The cross-border attacks by Hezbollah have prompted the IDF to begin evacuations of border towns in northern Israel, parallel to the evacuation of all Israeli communities on the Gaza frontier.