Top CIA official in charge of approving intel posted ‘Palestinian flag’ after Hamas attack

The CIA and even the Pentagon are now full of wokes with limited real-world knowledge and strong leftist views, and yes, they hate America and support Islamic terrorists.

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine

Spy movies and shows have given the CIA a lot of cachet, but it’s by far one of the world’s most inept intelligence agencies, and the reality is that it’s little more than the State Department, with the same sorts of employees, but with more classified intel.

There are elements of the CIA that do useful things, but they’re a world away from the organization’s actual staffers who are the very same people at State and who have the same leftist views and generally blinkered ignorance about international affairs.

The CIA used to undermine presidents in order to achieve some sort of geopolitical or agency goals, now it’s just the same leftists who were parading around in pink hats and screaming at the sky.

So this is unsurprising. The only surprise is that someone noticed.

The top CIA official who changed her social media cover photo to a pro-Palestinian image two weeks after the Hamas terrorist organization carried out attacks on Israel is Associate Deputy Director for Analysis Amy McFadden, the Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The original Oct. 21 photo of a man waving a Palestinian flag — often used in articles critical of Israel — is no longer publicly visible on the official’s social media, as the official, the associate deputy director for analysis at the CIA, changed the image after the Financial Times reached out Monday, the outlet reported. The DCNF identified the official as Amy McFadden, who has served in the CIA Directorate of Analysis front office since 2020, according to her LinkedIn profile.

McFadden worked in the CIA’s Counterterrorism center, was deputy in the Office of North African, Arabian Peninsula, and Regional Analysis and later was director of the President’s Daily Brief, according to her biography.

The official previously oversaw the assembly of the President’s Daily Briefing and is jointly responsible for managing all analysis distributed within the CIA, the FT reported.

After the FT reached out, the official deleted pro-Palestinian content from her Facebook page going back a year and a half, the FT reported.

In a separate post, the official also posted a photo with the words “Free Palestine” overlaid on the image, the FT reported, though this image was reportedly posted years ago

To understand what we’re talking about here…

McFadden is one of the most senior officials within the CIA and was once responsible for overseeing the president’s “daily brief,” a summary of classified intelligence, the Financial Times reported. In her role as associate deputy director for analysis, McFadden oversees the approval of all the agency’s intelligence.

Although McFadden’s particular beliefs on Israel are unclear, she “liked” one post by the International Crisis Group in the last week. That post shared an article in Foreign Affairs that chastised Israel for “making the utter defeat of Hamas its top priority.”

The International Crisis Group, a non-profit that says it works on “preventing and resolving deadly conflict,” has faced criticism over its ties to the Iranian government. Its former president, Malley, is under criminal investigation for allegedly mishandling classified investigation. Malley served as the chief envoy to Tehran under Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Had McFadden posted an “I Stand With Israel” banner, she’d have been on the way out. For that matter, if she had posted a Russian flag, she’d be out. But this sort of thing is protected. McFadden represents the current culture of the government.

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Her LinkedIn banner pitches “equity” and she has an MA in social sciences. This is where they’re getting these people from.

The CIA and even the Pentagon is now full of wokes with limited real-world knowledge and strong leftist views, and yes, they hate America and support Islamic terrorists.

The housecleaning that needs to happen in the defense and intel establishment is massive. And it begins with changing the culture.