Trump: Omar ‘a horrible woman who hates our country’

Trump slams Minnesota congresswoman during campaign stop in Mid-West.

By World Israel News Staff

President Donald Trump tore into Democratic Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar on Monday, calling her a “horrible woman who hates our country.”

At an election campaign rally in Minnesota, Trump asked rhetorically how Omar won the Democratic primary for her district as the partisan crowd jeered at the mere mention of her name.

“I mean I hear the boos. How the hell did she win the primary? How the hell did she win? This woman is crazy. She’s a horrible woman who hates our country,” Trump said.

“How does a woman who hates our country, who says nothing but bad things about our country and Israel and other of our allies, how does this woman win, where are the people who would vote for her,”  Trump asked the crowd.

The President slammed Omar for calling the Minneapolis Police Department a “cancer” following the killing of Afro-American George Floyd by city police officers, who were later charged with murder.

Trump then lashed out at Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for failing to condemn Omar’s comments.

“Joe Biden did not condemn the comments. He didn’t want to talk about it,” Trump said. “He didn’t disavow her endorsement – he displays it proudly on his website.”

“This is what’s going to be running the country,” he told the crowd.

Omar has a long history of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel comments that have landed her in hot water, but were mostly ignored by the Democratic Party leadership.

Last month, the American Jewish Congress issued a harsh condemnation of Omar, saying she had “crossed the line” by sending out an election flyer accusing her opponent of being “in the pocket of Wall Street” and listing only Jewish donors to his campaign.

Human rights attorney Brooke Goldstein, executive director of The Lawfare Project, said Omar “has built a career on attacking American Jews,” and if she wasn’t a member of Congress, she would be a member of the KKK.