Twitter shares plummet after threat of Israeli lawsuit over incitement

“Terrorist organizations have moved to Twitter instead of Facebook,” Israel’s justice minister said. Shares plummeted over fear it may be sued.

By: and World Israel News Staff

Twitter shares were down 12 percent by Wednesday following reports that Israel was considering legal action against the social media platform.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has accused Twitter of providing a channel for terror organizations to promote terror and incite violence, and of not doing enough to end incitement against Israel.

“Terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah have moved to Twitter instead of Facebook,” she said. “Through Twitter, the terrorist organizations promote terror and incite to violence, including public activity that they carry out without fear.”

A wave of stabbing attacks in 2014 gained strength through social media, leading Israel’s government to try to pass a “Facebook Law” that empowers Israel to have content “liable to lead to murder and terror” removed from Facebook immediately.

Israel has recognized the threat posed by terrorism incitement on Facebook and has successfully acted against those who use social media as a weapon, helping to reduce a trend of attacks against Israelis.

Israel’s Haaretz reported in April 2017 that Israeli forces have detained at least 400 Palestinians in less than a year over incitement on social media.

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