US shot down over 80 drones, six ballistic missiles

In addition to the Americans, the British, Jordanians, French, and Saudis helped fend off the attack.


The U.S. military said on Monday that Central Command forces, supported by U.S. European Command destroyers, intercepted more than 80 attack drones and at least six ballistic missiles fired from Iran and Yemen at Israel on Saturday night.

That represents around half of the 170 drones that the IDF said were launched at Israel along with 30 cruise missiles and 110 ballistic missiles.

None of the UAVs penetrated Israeli airspace, while several ballistic missiles did, causing minor damage to the Nevatim Air Base near Beersheva.

A 7-year-old Bedouin girl was seriously wounded from shrapnel caused by a missile interception near Arad.

In addition to the Americans, the British, Jordanians, French and Saudis helped fend off the attack.

According to CENTCOM, one of the ballistic missiles was still on the launcher vehicle and seven UAVs were on the ground before launch when they were struck in Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen.

“Iran’s continued unprecedented, malign and reckless behavior endangers regional stability and the safety of U.S. and coalition forces,” CENTOM said.

“CENTCOM remains postured to support Israel’s defense against these dangerous actions by Iran. We will continue to work with all our regional partners to increase regional security.”

Overnight Sunday, Israeli fighter jets intercepted a drone on its way towards Israel from the east, the IDF said.

“The vehicle was being monitored by IDF forces, did not pose a threat and no alerts were activated in accordance with policy,” the military said, adding that there were no casualties or damage.