While Hamas mourns, some ordinary Gazans celebrate Raisi’s death

The Iranian leader just “brought ruin” to Gaza and “never stood by us,” more indifferent residents of the enclave said.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Some ordinary Gazans celebrated Monday’s death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, in direct contrast to their Hamas rulers, who are in mourning over the leader who supported their genocidal cause against Israel heart and soul.

Rafah cleric Majdy Moghrabi, who has previously voiced criticism of Hamas, showed a video on X of fellow Gazans passing out confections and praising Allah for Raisi’s death.

“We share the Muslims’ joy over the demise of the murderous criminal thug, the possessor of the death squad, Raisi, and the demise of a group of criminals with him,” he wrote above his post.

Within a day, the clip had 1.9 million views. Some backed his joy, with such reactions as, “They have the right to be happy. [Iran] are the cause of the destruction of Gaza, and Hamas is a tool that carries out its orders.”

Many others blasted Moghrabi, called him a “Zionist spy,” or said the video was a fake, as Gazans would not celebrate Raisi’s demise.

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This could be considered wishful thinking, as dozens of Iranians in Iran itself uploaded videos to social media of their joy over the death of the man who has sent thousands of anti-regime protestors to their deaths, including hundreds as recently as 2022.

Several clips showed grown children of such victims having a celebratory drink.  Others showed people setting off fireworks, cheering, or even dancing in the street

Other Gazans expressed indifference rather than joy.

In Deir al-Balah, which has seen some heavy fighting between Hamas terrorists and IDF troops, Naji Khodeir told AFP, “He never supported us, never kept his promises, never called for a ceasefire, and never stood by us. He does not concern us at all.”

“He means nothing to us and nothing to Gaza,” said Βilal Khodary, a Gazan who fled to the town to escape battles elsewhere in the Strip.

“With all this destruction and devastation we’ve faced, no country has paid attention to us,” said Hossam Abdallah. “Why should I care about this man when he has only brought us ruin?”

Raisi died in a helicopter crash in the country’s western mountain region along with seven other people, including Iran’s foreign minister, in what is currently being deemed an accident mainly due to bad weather.

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Hamas had lauded the men as “a group of the best Iranian leaders,” and praised their “tireless” support “in all forums and fields” regarding the ongoing war with Israel.