Why are celebs silent on Hamas slaughter?

“They’re afraid of being canceled, afraid of losing work, and also afraid of being bullied by the public,” says entertainment industry insider.

By World Israel News Staff

Prominent Hollywood celebrities who are typically quick to jump into the fray and discuss social and political issues on their social media platforms have largely stayed silent regarding Hamas’ brutal massacre of Israelis on Oct. 7th.

The reason? Fear of losing out on roles and angering their fans, an entertainment industry insider told Fox News.

Lieba Nesis, a longtime entertainment journalist for The Jewish Voice, said that celebrities are “of being canceled… They never go out there and see real people.

“So they just fraternize with each other and they all hold the same opinions. If you diverge from that, you threaten your career, you threaten being boycotted.”

Nesis also commented on the phenomenon of celebrities watering down their initial statements supporting Israel.

Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had originally posted a message condemning the Hamas attack, but later edited it to bemoan the loss of Palestinian lives as well.

“They have to equate [Hamas terror and the Israeli response.] They can’t come out just for Israel because they’re so afraid of the backlash,” Nesis said.

“They’re afraid of being canceled, afraid of losing work, afraid of losing the approval of your friends and also afraid of being bullied by the public, by other people sympathetic to Palestine who will consistently bully you and… try to ruin your life so that you won’t speak out.”

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Even Drake, a rapper who has always flaunted his Jewish heritage and even filmed a music video depicting his “re-bar mitzvah” as an adult, has not commented publicly on the slaughter.

Speaking to TMZ, his father defended Drake’s decision not to stand with the victims of the worst terror attack in Israeli history, saying it was “for the best” that his son “stays out of it.”

Veteran Jewish voice actress Tara Strong was fired from the cartoon “Boxtown” for liking tweets that referred to radical Islam as a threat.

The producers of Boxtown claimed Strong is Islamophobic, an accusation which she strongly denied.

“Fired for being Jewish. Please…pray for my family in Israel,” she wrote, following the news she had been terminated from the program.