You won’t believe what is pushing this Israeli couple to brink of divorce

“[My wife] lets them in freely and feeds them! It’s really insane,” said the fed-up husband.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

After the decision by Mayor Einat Kalisch-Rotem to ban hunting led to wild boars essentially taking over the streets of the northern city of Haifa during the coronavirus lockdown, one couple has blamed the presence of the pigs for their upcoming divorce.

Mako reported that a man in his 40s sent his wife a warning letter through his attorney stating that her attitude and treatment of the wild boars were pushing him to the brink of filing for divorce.

Because his wife actively welcomes the creatures into their garden, the man said his sense of security has been shaken.

“I’m afraid of [the boars] attacking me. They have already attacked people in the city. It’s a life-threatening situation,” he wrote.

“[My wife] lets them in freely and feeds them! It’s really insane.”

He added that the boars have wrecked their well-manicured garden and that his wife is unwilling to accept professional help to keep the pests away from their home.

“She did not allow me to keep birds [as pets], but she does let the pigs enter our garden and destroy it,” the man wrote.

According to Mako, the woman was unphased by her husband’s letter. In response, she filed for divorce at the local rabbinical court.

She reportedly told her husband’s attorney that she loves the boars and will never agree to drive them away.

If her husband of 17 years insists on keeping the boars away from their home, he is welcome to separate from her, she said.

The rabbinical court has ordered the couple to attend a mediation session aimed at saving the marriage.

Wild boars in Haifa have become a major nuisance, damaging property and posing a physical danger to residents.

City council member Yitzhak Balas told Walla News that he believes there are some 7,000 wild boars roaming the streets of the northern Israeli city.

“The situation is getting worse minute by minute, and the boars are getting more and more bold. It happened the minute the hunting stopped,” a Haifa resident told Israel Hayom in June 2020.

“We’ve been warning the city about it for over a year. Every sow has 12 piglets, twice a year. So a hundred female boars give birth to 2,400 piglets a year. That’s what we’re seeing on the streets now – entire herds.”

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