2 Palestinians indicted for plotting ISIS-inspired terror attack in Jerusalem

Israeli security forces thwarted another plot by ISIS supporters in Israel to attack Israelis.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Israeli security forces were successful in thwarting an Islamic State (ISIS) plot to bomb Israeli targets in Jerusalem.

Two Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, Musab Alian, 23, and Samir Abed Rabo, 38, were indicted on Monday on charges of conspiring to aid the enemy during wartime.

Separately, Alian was indicted on charges of membership in an illegal organization and acting on its behalf, membership in and supporting a terrorist organization and attempting to leave the country illegally.

Abed Rabo was additionally charged with supporting a terrorist organization and maintaining contact with a foreign agent.

The indictment delineates how Alian began to support ISIS in 2014 and through 2015-16. He studied Islam and ISIS ideology.

At some point in 2015, he decided to join ISIS’ ranks in Syria and, in October of that year, left for Jordan with the intent of getting a Jordanian passport, which he would use to travel to Turkey and from there cross the border into Syria and join ISIS. While in Jordan, he was arrested by local security forces, interrogated for several days and then sent back to Israel.

Back in Israel, he began collect funds to purchase a visa from the Turkish consulate. He also explored the possibility of joining ISIS in Syria via its affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula.

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During the same time period, Abed Rabo became acquainted with ISIS through its online propaganda.

At the end of 2015, the two conspired to build a bomb and detonate it against a vehicle used by Israeli security forces in Jerusalem on ISIS’ behalf. Alian wanted to carry out the attack and turned to Abed Rabo, who has bomb-making knowledge and experience.

The two acquired a cell phone with the purpose of using it as a remote control, a coffee grinder to use in the preparation of the materials, and other bomb components.

The terror cell met from time to time to plan the attack, the indictment said.

“In these actions the defendants conspired to commit an act which consists of support to the enemy in its war against Israel, with intent of assisting the enemy in its war against Israel,” the indictment charges.

Over the past year, Israeli security forces have exposed several ISIS terror cells operating in Israel, comprised mostly of Arabs with Israeli citizenship. In total, over 40 suspects have been arrested.

Israel estimates that at least 50 Israeli Arabs have joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq over the past two years. At least ten of them have been arrested upon their return to the country and a few other have been killed in action while fighting with ISIS.

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Israel fears that Arabs returning to Israel from fighting with ISIS will use their experience to establish terror networks and launch attacks within Israel. There is also a fear that Arabs in Israel will be inspired by ISIS, especially via social media, and will operate against the Jewish state and its citizens.